Stake To Earn

Embrace the potential for greater returns by participating in UNITAO's staking feature!

Staking your $UNITAO tokens is your ticket to earning rewards. By actively participating in the staking process, you contribute to the growth and security of the UNITAO ecosystem.

The rewards you receive are a direct outcome in running Validators or Miners on the UNITAO Subnet. This innovative proof mechanism ensures that your efforts in supporting the network are duly recognized and rewarded.

Here's the exciting part – the more $UNITAO tokens you stake, the greater your rewards! As the quantity of tokens participating in staking increases, so does the potential for more substantial rewards. It's a simple yet rewarding principle: the higher your stake, the more you stand to gain.

Get ready for the next stage of the UNITAO journey! The eagerly anticipated staking feature is set to make its debut in Stage 2 of the UNITAO Roadmap. This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the platform, offering users an exciting opportunity to enhance their engagement.

Users participating in staking will be locked for 24 hours, claiming rewards will reset the timer.

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